Blaze Wallet was developed application with full applied security protocols. It's very safe and secure to store and send crypto assets.

The wallet is developed in an all-in-one Erc20 wallet with built in "marketplace" for purchasing and selling of goods, products and services.

It is now supported with multi crypto currency storage system. Blaze wallet has a full security systematic audit, for sending, receiving and storage of multiple digital assets.

It also gives you a complete control and full accessibility to your private phrase and keys. Which enable you to protect your funds and also privacy. The level of the security which is constantly be monitored and upgrade by using biometrics and also pin "code" number. The level of security is being rated as "Military Grade" security system.

The Blaze Wallet have its browser feature that can connect you to any web3 application and allows you to access and interact with DAPP (decentralized application).

Blaze DeFi being a DeFi

This specifically refers to Financial digital assets and smart contracts, which also involved protocols. A network with its own wallet and have its own Dapps built on ethereum leads us to Blaze DeFi.

It's a Decentralized Finance Protocol of the supreme Blaze Network.

Blaze DeFi supports the foundation and fundamental growth of the Blaze Network ecosystem through various medium of staking and yield farming. One feature will be added to make Blaze DeFi as a DeFi.

We will include, P2P borrow and lending, this feature will be integrated to Blaze Wallet as it's new feature, that's why we are very supportive to our main product. It will be our 1 stop shop and this can help our project stands for itself.

We on Team Blaze aimed our project to reach success, as "Blaze" means to us "shine across the stars". Let us empower and support the project and together we will reach success.

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