Dear Our Beloved Community,

Hope you’re all doing well! We noticed an increase in awareness regarding our project over these past few days and wanted to start by thanking everyone who contributed to this.
It was a great challenge to the team from planning and everything that we need to be accomplished.
We have a few announcements to make, you can find those at the bottom of the article.

Major Updates
1. Release of Whitepaper and Road Map
2. Exchange Listing
3. Coingecko Listing

First and foremost we gladly inform our community that our Whitepaper and Road Map is already up, it will include our future plans, please take a couple of time to read it. You can read tru link below or you can check in our website.

We already talk to top 90 exchanges in CMC and we finalized our listing, to be exact our target listing date would be on Aug 13, 2020 8AM UTC. You can check link below for the announcement of our listing

We are proud to announce that we already submit application in Coingecko today Aug 13, 2020 we are waiting for their reply.

That’s all for now and hope that everyone is doing great and continue to support us.
If you have any query feel free to join our Telegram group and Discord channel we’re happy to assist you.

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Telegram Community:


Thanks and God bless everyone,
The Blaze Team