Blaze DeFi (BNFI) will migrate to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

DeFi economy on Binance Smart Chain is growing heavily and most traders jumped in to a new hype.

As Q1 is coming to an end, we will do a precautionary steps to do such measure to jumped in to that opportunity.


Why choose Balancer pool?

It's great for yield farming since 3 pools with wETH are connected.

The pools come from Uniswap and mixed it together into one.

Pool structure

When someone bought shares from each of these pools, it will create more burns.

Example: (BNFI at 5% burn rate)
1. Normal trade
- Buy/sell 100 BNFI, the burned BNFI will be 5 and 95 will go through.

The burn is fixed at 5%, so there is decreasing upon receiving it.

Blaze Wallet was developed application with full applied security protocols. It's very safe and secure to store and send crypto assets.

The wallet is developed in an all-in-one Erc20 wallet with built in "marketplace" for purchasing and selling of goods, products and services.

It is now supported with multi crypto currency storage system. Blaze wallet has a full security systematic audit, for sending, receiving and storage of multiple digital assets.

It also gives you a complete control and full accessibility to your private phrase and keys. Which enable you to protect your funds and also privacy. The level of the…

The Blaze Network team is developing an all-in-one Erc20 wallet with a built in marketplace for buying and selling of goods and also including e-commerce like betting games in online casino.

Blaze Network (BLZN) delivered such product as per roadmap and already been listed in several exchanges.

Blaze Network
1. Blaze Wallet (Available now on Google Playstore
2. Blaze (BLZN) tokens for betting in online casino (on-works)
3. Marketplace (on-works)
4. Blaze DeFi

Hey community!

Today we bring a few updates on several matters pertinent to our progress!

The entire team cannot emphasize enough how much we have valued your support, patience, and involvement. You made this possible.

Since this journey began in July, the entire team has been working day in and day out to bring you the first product (The Blaze Network Wallet). You can download directly Blaze Wallet in Google Play by following this link:

Key Features of Blaze Wallet

* Stored ERC-20 token

* The wallet has taken things a notch higher with the introduction of a DApp…

The long wait is Over!🔥🔥

We are proud to announce that Blaze Network wallet app is finally here. You can now secure your $BLZN holdings as well as several crypto tokens (Download here )

Soon it will be downloaded in Google Play store.
Blaze Network wallet apps is an Erc20 wallet where you can securely kept your crypto. Track price value and easily can share or send funds to friends and family. We wanna thanks all our investors for bearing with us and keep on supporting and believing in us. Keep the faith and stay with us, We in Blaze…

Dear community,

Hope you’re all doing well!

Thank you for your patience and support thus far.

A commitment from us to be here with you as often as possible. We understand that not hearing publicly from the executive team can be a challenge. This is why we will always be transparent with you, our community. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Regarding the distribution of airdrop all the pending batches was already sent today.

We are proud to announce that our version 2 website is up,

For now we are focusing in the development, the team doing the best we…

Greetings Everyone

Thank you for your patience and support thus far. We’re extremely excited to bring you the latest on the project’s achievement.

Major Updates

1. CMC, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch

2. Exchange Listing

3. Marketing

4. Roadmap

Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch

First of all we are glad to introduce that Blaze Network was listed in Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Livecoinwatch . The team would like to thank community for their overwhelming support despite the struggle that we encounter. You can view the CMC, Coingecko and Livecoinwatch link below

Exchange Listing

In a short period of time and despite of our limited funds…

Dear Our Beloved Community,

Hope you’re all doing well! We noticed an increase in awareness regarding our project over these past few days and wanted to start by thanking everyone who contributed to this.
It was a great challenge to the team from planning and everything that we need to be accomplished.
We have a few announcements to make, you can find those at the bottom of the article.

Major Updates
1. Release of Whitepaper and Road Map
2. Exchange Listing
3. Coingecko Listing

First and foremost we gladly inform our community that our Whitepaper and Road Map is already…

Congratulations everyone!🔥🔥🔥

Blaze Network is Now officially listed on Uniswap 🔥🔥🔥

Buy and Sell here

Uniswap info

Unsold $BLZN is burned 🔥🔥

Liquidity Pool Officially Locked 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Our Telegram Community


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